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108 sleeping places !!

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Nr 108  Hotel de la Source****

from 27 Dec - 28 dec in  Spa-Francorchamps België

  • Nearest attractions 
  • Circuit Spa-Francorchamps 0.2 km
  •  Malmundarium 5.7 km 
  • Stavelot Abbey 6.1 km 
  • Waterfalls of Coo 8.5 km 
  • Thermes of Spa


Nr 107 M/S Color Fantasy **** 

from Oslo to Kiel by boat

From 19 sep - 20 sep 2017

Nr 106

Voksenåsen ****Oslo

From 17 sep - 19 sep 2017

Nr 105 Grande Hytteutleige og Camping Geiranger

From 15 sep - 17 sep 2017

1 of the 2 rooms !



Nr 104 

Tråsåvika Camping in Viggja Norway ***

From 14 Sep - 15 Sep 2017

Nr 103 Wild camp in Gäddede sweden ****

From 13 sep -14 sep 2017


Nr 102 

Lapland Lodge in Arvidsjaur Sweden website

From 12 sep - 13 sep 2017

Nr 101 Aurora Mountain Lodge *****Sweden

From 11 sep - 12 sep 2017

Nr 100 Skaidi Hotel Norway***

From 9 Sep - 11 Sep 2017

Nr 99 Ounasvaaran Lakituvat Rovaniemi finland

From 8 sep -9 sep 2017

Nr 98 Vuokatti Chalets

From 07 Sep - 8 sep 2017

Nr 97 Ammatour Villas Uro Finland 

From 05 Sep - 07 Sep 2017

Nr 96 MS Silja Serenade****

Length: 203 m Draught: 7.1 m Keel laid: May 29, 1989 Launching: November 6, 1989 Width: 32 m Built by: STX Finland

From 04-Sep - 5 Sep 2017

Nr 95 Biz Apartment Gärdet Stockholm**** website

From 02 Sep - 04 Sep 2017

Nr 94 AC Hotel Bella Sky Copenhagen **** Website

From 01 Sep - 02 Sep 2017

Nr 93 

Hotel-Restaurant Jan van Scorel****                            Schoorl noord holland

From 03 Dec - 05 Aug 2016

Nr 92

Hotel Le Royal *****


From 12 Aug - 13 Aug 2016

Nr 91                         Chalet Hotel Les  Campanules**  Les Houches france

From 9 Aug until 12 Aug 2016

Nr 90 

Hotel Saint-Aygulf *** france

From 6 Aug until 9 Aug 2016


Nr 89                                           

Hotel Le Belvedere*** Vallon Pont d'Arc France

From 3 Aug until 6 Aug 2016

2 min walk


Nr 88 

B&B Hôtel Paris Saint-Denis Pleyel ** france

From 31 Juli until 3 Aug 2016


Nr 87                 Hotel Mercure Omaha Beach ****            PORT EN BESSIN - FRANCE

From 28 Juli until 31 Juli 2016

Road trip 


Nr 86

Hotel Zuiderduin ****      Egmond aan Zee the Netherlands

From 27-6-2016 until 30-06-2016


Nr 85

Thon Hotel Rotterdam

          for my Job Sligro Food Group

From 04-01-15 until 15-01-15

Nr 77 

Silver Oaks Hotel and Suite

Manila - Philippines

From 07 Okt until 08 Okt 2015





 Nr 78

Hilbiscus Garden Inn

Puerto Princesa - Philippines

From 08 Okt until 10 Okt 2015





 Nr 79

El Nido Four Seasons Resort 

El Nido - Philippines

   From 10 Okt until 14 Okt 2015                                    






Nr 80

Hilbiscus Garden Inn

Puerto Princesa 

Philippines ( second time )

From 14 Okt until 15 Okt 2015






 Nr 81

Eden Resort Santander 

Cebu - Philippines

From 15 Okt until 18 Okt 2015




Nr 82

Coco Grove Resort

Siquijor - Philippines

From 18 Okt until 21 Okt 2015


Nr 83

Lost Horizon Resort 

Bohol - Philippines

From 21 Okt until 25 Okt 2015






Nr 84

Silver Oaks Hotel and Suite

Manila - Philippines

( second time )

From 25 Okt until 26 Okt 2015





Nr 1

Classic Place Hotel***

Thailand - Bangkok

First time all alone in Bangkok. very strange but delicious. done many great things. I'm going back. definitely a few times

from 9-1 till 11-1-2005 







Pung Waan Resort**** or

Pung-Waan Resort ( Kwai Noi )

Thailand - Kanchanaburi

peacefully located. not busy. no beach. 
good staff. lots to do in the area. a highly recommended. 
for nature lovers.

From 11 Jan till 13 jan 200







  Chumphon Cabana Resort***

Thailand - Chumphon

13-1 till 14-1-2005

peacefully located. not busy. large white sandy wide beach. highly recommended. 
good staff.






Koh Tao resort beach side
Koh Tao beach side room

Koh Tao Resort

  Koh Tao  Resort**** 

Koh Tao Island Chalok Baan

Kao Bay

my trip 2005 and 2012

on a very small island far off the coast. is a small paradise. 
formerly a prison island. 

Now a tourist spot. 

Koh Toa Resort is located on the south of the island. Located right on the beach. 
and is not too touristy yet. above the resort on the mountain is the koh tao resort paradise zone this is also part of the hotel complex. You can also sleep here. and a good pool.

still a good place to avoid the mass tourists !! have been here twice.

koh tao resort paradise zone
koh tao resort paradise zone

koh tao resort paradise zone 

koh tao resort Beach side




koh tao resort paradise zone

 koh tao resort paradise zone

Now Mercure Samui Fenix Resort





Mercure Samui Fenix Resort****


   Samui Park Resort

From 16-1 till 18-1-2005

Peacefully located. not busy. large white sandy small beach. highly recommended. 
good staff. 






Lotus Pang Suan Kaew Hotel



  LOTUS  Pang Suan Kaew Hotel****

Thailand - Chiang Mai

Location and Map

Lotus Pang Suan Kaew Hotel is located on the Kad Suan Kaew shopping center. you can use the elevator in the hotel, down to the shopping center. Here you have everything you want. of bioscooop to food court. in the same street light also the zoo. 
if you really want to see how the thai lives and does. really recommended.

Lotus Pang Suan Kaew Hotel is located ten minutes from the Night Bazaar by car. (open daily from late afternoon till midnight) The famous Night Bazaar is a bargain hunters paradise. Eastern side of Old City all the way along Chang Khlan Road, about 1km long. 
Saturday (Wua Lai) Market (Saturday only) (late afternoon till midnight) All the way down Wua Lai Road opposite Chiang Mai Gate, about 1km long. South side of Chiang Mai's Old City section.








Rainbow Hotel **
New-Zeeland - Auckland
From 11-1 till 

and near Located in the heart of Auckland City, go to Viaduct Harbour its is amazing first class residential, commercial and entertainment area. Full of life constantly the daytime and nighttime, Viaduct Harbour is where Auckland city meets the ocean. 





Viaoduct Harbour



Casa Bella Motel***

New-Zeeland - Paihia

From 13-1 till 15-1-2007

Casa Bella in Paihia is 2 minutes walk from the beach and offers free Wi-Fi, a small pool and a tennis court. You can also enjoy free parking, a spa tub and barbecue facilities. 

Casa Bella Motel is built in Spanish style and offers a variety of self-catering accommodation which are cleaned daily. All spacious studios are well equipped with a kitchenette and dining area. The units are equipped with a flat-screen LCD TV with over 50 satellite channels.

Fish Restaurant nearby







Alpin Motel***

New-Zeeland - Rotorua

From 15-1 till 17-1-2007

This HIGHLY RECOMMENDED Rotorua Rotorua Provides MOTEL ACCOMMODATION for the discerning and budget conscious traveler. Inspection is welcome.

Go to the Polynesian Spa









Discovery lodge  


Discovery lodge ***

New-Zeeland - Taupo

From 17-1 till 18-1-2007

The hike is 19.4km. It ascends and descends 765m 1126m. There are two climbs substantialism entre each taking 45 minutes and 60 minutes to complete. Actual walking time is about 5 to 6 hours at an average walking pace. Please talk to us if you are unsure of your capabilities. 

tongariro crossing

 Tongariro Alpine Crossing






Art Deco Masonic Hotel ***

Napier New-Zeeland

From 18-1 Till 20-1-2007









Comfort Hotel ***

From 20-1 Till 22-1-2007

very good hotel, good location.








Revingtons hotel***

in greymouth New Zeeland

From 23-1 till 24-1-2007

Historic Revingtons Hotel is centrally located in the main Greymouth Shopping and business center. Revingtons is a gracious old building which boasts a good deal of history, having leg a focal point of Greymouth since 1876. Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip Revingtons constantly stayed at the Coronation Tour of 1954.








 Heartland Hotel***

Fox Glacier - New Zeeland

from 24-1 till 26-1-2007

Do the Minnihaha walk ( 20min )

The Fox Glacier Hotel was originally built in 1925 for the local Sullivan family who were Considered the original pioneering family of the area. It has played host to climbers, adventurers and tourists ever since.

The original property has leg extended and upgraded over time with significant refurbishment at first floor level constantly 2007









Te Anau Great Lakes Park***

Te Anau - New Zeeland

26 -1-2007 untill 28-01-2007

Near by is Doubtful Sound is the deepest fjord ( 421m ) in the Fiordland National Park on the Tasman Sea and is one of the most appreciated tourist destinations in New Zealand. and the Manapouri Power Station is an underground hydroelectric power plant on the western arm of Lake Manapouri in Fiordland National Park, in the South Island of New Zealand. 850 MW of installed capacity (although limited to 800 MW for permission limits of resources [ 3] ) , is the largest hydroelectric power station in New Zealand, and the second largest power plant in New Zealand.






Queenstown Lodge ***

28-01 untill 30-01-2007

Queenstown - New Zeeland

What a city! really, really enjoyed it here. I would definitely come back so beautiful!

Unfortunately, this is now a school so you can not sleep here . at this amazing place. of course there are many more beautiful place here in this city. Queenstown is a town with over 10,000 residents on the South Island of New Zealand. Queenstown is situated on the north east coast of Lake Wakatipu , with The Remarkables in the background







YMCA Hotel **

30-1 untill 01-02-2007

Christchurch - New Zeeland

Lovely hotel just no private bath room! but that was not very annoying. near the hotel is a big beautiful park. and it is also near the city center .




Twin Tower Hotel***

From 05-11 untill 06-11-2007

Bangkok Thailand

Lovely hotel . friendly people always helpful. close to everything. good service.